A campaign to foster greatness in public spaces.

It is Common Ground's position that if public funds are used to build a new Bradley Center arena, then at least $150 million of these funds must be used to improve Milwaukee County public schools athletic facilities and recreational spaces.

They Play, We Play

To drive aspiration to action, kids need a place to play, a place for their dreams to take root, a place that will encourage them to live healthy lives. Common Ground wants to provide Milwaukee County with an opportunity to foster greatness and healthier lifestyles—for our kids and our community. We believe that by dedicating a minimum of $150 million of public dollars (collected to fund the new Bradley Center arena), to update Milwaukee County public school athletic facilities and recreational spaces, we will give the people of our county access to the kind of public places they deserve.

Believe in Common Ground

Common Ground is a community organization that works toward igniting positive change within the greater Milwaukee area. With the power of the collective voice, we have a strong history of facilitating significant and meaningful improvements within our community. The Fair Play campaign aligns with our overall mission by focusing efforts on helping Milwaukee's youth, families and the community at large. Together we can invest in the future of our city—not only through the professional athletes who represent us, but through the thousands of aspiring athletes who call Milwaukee home. If they get to play, our kids should too. Because Milwaukee County deserves Fair Play.