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"Milwaukee County children are as important
if not MORE important than the Milwaukee Bucks."


While powerful billionaires/multi-millionaires (Wesley Edens, Marc Lasry and Ted Kellner) are trying to find a way to use our public tax money to build a new Bucks arena, where millionaires will play and an elite group of people can afford to watch them play, our kids and community members are using unsafe, terrible, and broken athletic fields and parks.

This is the message Southeastern Wisconsin Common Ground has been driving home with our Fair Play campaign. We want sports to thrive in Milwaukee County – not just for those who can afford a ticket to watch, but for all, and most importantly, our kids – many of whom struggle to find a safe place to learn and practice sports every day.

If public funds are used to build a new Bucks arena, then at least $150-$250 million of these funds must be used to improve Milwaukee County public athletic facilities and recreational spaces.

Imagine if Milwaukee did something to truly inspire sports and fitness in ALL communities.

What if the simple privilege of playing in a safe, functional facility – was provided to everyone – and not just to professional athletes? What message would that send future generations?